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Branch of Flowers

Therapy for Latinx in South Pasadena, CA

Change starts with you. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with family or cultural expectations? Maybe you are trying to develop your own identity and establish healthy boundaries, but feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of disappointing others are getting in the way. You are ready to dismantle intergenerational trauma or heal childhood wounds with a therapist who can offer a deeper understanding of your cultural experiences, values, and challenges. As a Latinx therapist fluent in both English and Spanish, I offer compassionate and culturally attuned care. Together, we can embark on a therapeutic journey customized to your unique background and needs. I am honored to provide you with a safe space to:

Prioritize your own needs

Explore and affirm your identity

Heal from trauma

Overcome anxiety or depression within a cultural context

Deepen your connection with yourself and the people that matter most to you

Nurture your self-worth


Can you envision a future where you are able to embrace your culture’s strengths while leaving behind the parts of it that hold you back? Let's work together to make it happen. I am dedicated to empowering you to discover inner peace and live a fulfilling life aligned with your own values and goals. This is your moment to step into a space where you are respected, valued, and supported. 


Reach out today to start your transformative journey towards healing and empowerment through Latinx Therapy.

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