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Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

We repeat what we don't repair.

Are you feeling stuck in the cycle of anxiety or weighed down by the heavy burden of depression? Anxiety and depression can present in a variety of ways, impacting mind, body, and spirit. I understand how feelings of guilt, shame, perfectionism, and stress are difficult to overcome. Whether you are experiencing a lack of motivation, excessive worry or overthinking, sleep difficulties, or irritability, I am here to help. My goal is to provide you with a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore, understand, and overcome anxiety and depression.


During our work together, we will nurture your mind and body to pave the way for your success. You will come away from sessions with personalized strategies and coping mechanisms to manage symptoms and develop resilience in everyday life. Beyond coping strategies, our work will address the root of the issue, as understanding the origin of your anxiety or depression can lead to lasting, positive change. Through customized therapy sessions, including the use of evidenced-based approaches and holistic care, I am ready to support you as you navigate emotional challenges so you can reclaim your peace and joy. 

Ready to embark on a journey towards healing and empowerment? Contact me to schedule a consultation and begin your path towards a brighter, more resilient you.

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