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Yellow Flower

Therapy for Teens & Preteens

I provide a friendly, safe, and supportive environment where teens can be heard and make sense of their struggles. If your teen is struggling with self-esteem, peer pressure, academic stress, behavioral issues, anxiety or depression, I can help. Through a combination of age appropriate art, play, and talk therapy techniques, I help teens and preteens feel validated and engaged in their treatment so that they develop authentic, positive change. I have specialized training in implementing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy for teens and children. EMDR is a powerful therapeutic approach that can help children and teens process difficult experiences and heal from emotional wounds. I am dedicated to helping your child build resilience, restore emotional well-being, and regain their natural sense of joy and wonder.

For guidance through these crucial formative years, please don't hesitate to connect.

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